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Here you will find books written by J. Glenn Evans, his alter ego, Jack R. Evans, and other poets and writers. The listing includes both poetry and non-poetry books, CDs and DVDs. Support independent bookstores in your area.


Christmas MountainChristmas Mountain—The Story of A Cowboy Angel DVD

Stars Slim Pickens and Mark Miller in a classic film that captures the timelessness of friendship and compassion expressed not only at Christmas, but throughout all seasons in our communities. It is a story that captures the spirit of Christmas in the vein of Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life. This is Slim Pickens next to last movie and his performance as a cowboy angel trying to make it to the Great Divide is one of his best performances. The original 16MM film was lost for twenty years. Jack Evans, a partner and financier of the original film, learned the original 16MM film master was in the possession of a family friend of Clark Paylow, the film’s executive producer, who died in 1985. Evans, better known as J. Glenn Evans, the poet, novelist and political activist, regained possession of the original 16MM film master and arranged for Victory Studios to digitally remaster the film into the latest DVD format. The new digitally mastered DVD retails for $12.99, and if purchased in 3-packs the retail price is $10.00 each. Makes a wonderful gift.

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Christmas Mountain DVD
$12.99 ea.

Christmas Mountain DVD
3-pack $30.00 ea.


Zeke's RevengeZeke's Revenge
by J. Glenn Evans
SCW Publications ISBN 9798495519671
Softbound, 6x9, 357 pp. $14.99 plus $2 S&H
Kindle $3.99

Zeke's Revenge, a true heir to B. Travern's classic, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, is an adventure story with the power and inevitability of Greek drama. In this bold morality tale, Evans creates a tough-minded, but good-hearted prospector, Zeke, setting out to make his fortune, an odyssey that takes him to Montana, Idaho, Arizona and Washington. The salt and pepper prose Mr. Evans uses reflects the uncompromising spirit of the miner's world—a world which Mr. Evans knows "first hand." This is true coin of the realm writing with freshly-minted characters—including Zeke, his soul make, Morning Glory, the seductive Ruth and his partner, Hammersmit, a complex sociopath. This is riveting stuff, crackling and suspenseful to its surprising endgame. —Michael Magee— Poet, critic, playwright.

Wayfarers - Where No One is an Outcast by J. Glenn EvansWayfarers—Where No One is an Outcast
by J. Glenn Evans
SCW Publications ISBN 978-1523429103
Softbound, 6x9, 266 pp. $14.99 plus $2 S&H
Kindle $3.99

A group located in Seattle’s Pioneer Square district is homeless and they set out to do something about it by creating a place where they can live and survive by self-subsistence farming as well as helping others. The protagonist, a Native American Cherokee, is joined by a disbarred lawyer, a cuckolded preacher, a Vietnam veteran, a former high-class San Francisco call girl, and an ex-CIA man. Together they create an exciting and suspenseful novel.

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Broker Jim by J. Glenn Evans
Bloomington IN: 1stBooks Library, 2002
ISBN 978-07596-8209-7
Trade Paperback $15.95
Kindle $5.95
272 pages

Evans tells the story of Broker Jim against the backdrop of America as a nation in transition—from the sexual mores of post-World War II America to the greed of the 1980s. Evans's narrative brims with the authenticity that comes from more than twenty years as a stockbroker and investment banker. He writes the story in the first person so we share Jim's interior world in which an earnest young man struggles to make it in the world of buying and selling dreams. Jim makes some dumb decisions, but you root for him anyway. In and out of one crisis after another, he still lands on his feet. Although he doesn't have a golden parachute to weather the storms, he does have the ubiquitous Seattle umbrella to get him through the rainy days.

The Dahlia Connection by Michael Dovell
SCW Publications: 213 pp.
Hardcover: ISBN 978-1-877-882-19-4; $24.95
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-877-882-18-6; $11.95

It is a deadly game of cat and mouse for Deacon Davenport, “fishmonger emeritus” and self-appointed protector of Seattle's Pike Place Market. He falls in love with the young Dahlia Swartz, when he rescues her after she is thrown out of a Lamborghini. As this mystery unfolds, the author presents a surrealistic world of flying fish, brass pigs, stoic fortune-tellers, and street zombies. This fast-paced and witty first novel was a finalist in the 1994 Southern Writers Association Writing Contest.



Tagebuch 1945 (Diary) by Anne-Marie HackenbergerTagebuch 1945 (Diary)
by Anne-Marie Hackenberger
(As written by a young girl in Germany-translated by the Author)
SCW Publications ISBN 978-1-877882-68-5
Softbound, 39 pp. $8.00

A diary that reflects daily life a young girl experienced under Russian occupation with encounters with Russia soldiers, both good and bad. The struggles and hardship of staying alive, caravans of refugees going by and what happened to friends and people she knew. Her determination to live and realizing, "Who wants to live has to fight."

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Val Laigo's PassionVal Laigo's Passion by Barbara A. Evans
PublishAmerica: ISBN 978-1-4241-7634-4
Softcover, 234 pp; $19.95

Chasing His Dream: Life of Entrepreneur Richard Shannon Thorp
by Jack R. Evans
SCW Publications ISBN 978-1-877882-25-9
Softbound, 141 pp.; $14.95

Richard Thorp’s first introduction to big money came when he was about five years old and accompanied his grandfather to see his banker in downtown Yakima. At the outbreak of World War II, Thorp’s family moved to Bremerton where the budding entrepreneur honed his skills as a paperboy, altar boy, fund-raiser at school, football player, and pilot. Richard Thorp knew to get where the bucks were. Always the adventurer, he took risks to start and develop more than thirty companies, including EDMARK, the educational software company before it was acquired by IBM. Thorp’s ancestors were men like Major John C. Thorp, who led a group of pioneers over the Oregon Trail, and Fielden M. Thorp, who in the mid-nineteenth century was the first white man to settle in eastern Washington.


Re-educating MyselfRe-Educating Myself by Bob Gebelein
Omdega Press: ISBN 978-0-9614611-0-1
Softcover, 286 pp; $9.95

The Mental EnvironmentThe Mental Environment
(Mostly about Mind Pollution)
by Bob Gebelein
Omdega Press: 344 pp
Hardback: ISBN 978-0-9614611-1-9; $27.00
Softcover: ISBN 978-0-9614611-2-6; $16.00


Uncommon Common SenseUncommon Common Sense by J. Glenn Evans
SCW Publications: ISBN 978-877882-55-5
Softbound, 25 pp. $7.00

Short but powerful chapbook of essays covering subjects as life, kids, society, money matters, politics and power, death, human rights, friends and what bugs us. Written by a poet-novelist who grew up on a small farm in Oklahoma during the dust bowl days, served 20 years as a stockbroker-investment banker, operated an exploration mining company. Once a conservative Republican, his wakeup call to become a political activist was during Reagan’s administration that supported South American dictators with death squads.

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Songs of LifeSongs of Life
by. J. Glenn Evans
SCW Publications ISBN 9798411223620
Softbound, 5x8, 50 pp. $7.00 plus $2 S&H
Kindle $3.99

Songs of Life are poems that deal with real life on such subjects as hate, love, war, sex, fornication, adultery, compassion, regrets, and more, with over 40 subjects. Song of Life are especially relevant to church and congregations looking for meaningful messages to display for sing-a-longs.

Roll Me OverRoll Me Over
by. J. Glenn Evans
SCW Publications ISBN 9798812389789
Softbound, 5x8, 41 pp. $7.00 plus $2 S&H
Kindle $3.99

For someone who wants to laugh at themselves and live, this is a kind of poetic Will Rogers but a little rawer. Poetry and Wit do mix. In words and phrasing, often wry and witty, this book has a keen eye on and a poet's heart for the proverbial human condition.

The Feast—Reflections on War by J. Glenn Evans
SCW Publications: ISBN 978-1-877882-70-8, Softbound, 61 pp.; $10.00.

This is the 5th poetry collection by J. Glenn Evans, poet-novelist and political activist. Poems are listed under nine headings: Call to Arms, Between the States, Smoke Signals, WW II, Vietnam, Middle East, The Victims, What Power Says, Final Twitch. Forward is written by Don Richardson, author of The Gaia Conspiracy: The Last Days of Homo sapiens. Described by one reviewer: Evans is an important American poet after Allen Ginsberg in the 1960s and his poems should be songs for the 21st century Beatles.

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Window in the Sky by J. Glenn Evans
SCW Publications: ISBN 978-1-877882-20-8
Softbound, 194 pp.; $11.95.

Some “plain talking” on commerce, daily life, humor, lost love, mining, nature, philosophy, and people is a good solid read. Click on Poetry Reviews to see what others have said about J. Glenn Evans’ poetry. Selections from the book are also available on CD.

The CD was released under the PoetsWest/Voyager Recordings label features selections from the book read by J. Glenn Evans, Caron McCloud and Martin Marriott, with original music by award-winning fiddler Vivian Williams and guitar by Phil Williams. Digitally recorded in stereo.

The 194-page book retails for $11.95 postpaid in the United States.
The CD is $15.00 postpaid in the United States.
Save $6.95 and order both the CD and book at the bargain price of $20.00 postpaid in the United States.

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Seattle Poems by J. Glenn Evans
SCW Publications: ISBN 978-1-877882-21-6
Softbound, 27 pp.; $5.00

The selection of seventeen poems from Window In the Sky makes this a nifty chapbook to tuck into your purse or pocket.

Poets Table Anthology : A Collection of Poetry by Northwest Poets
SCW Publications: ISBN 978-1-877882-27-5, Softbound, 86 pp.; $9.95

“This diverse collection includes poems by Nancy Dahlberg, Pat Duggan, J. Glenn Evans, Murray Gordon, Michael Magee, Carol Shaw, Laura Snyder, Leonard Tews, Rodney Williams, and Pieter Zilinsky. These poems, generated by Poets Table, a poets’ round table of writers, are about love and loss, work and the natural world, art and politics. The coverpiece comes from a painting by Northwest artist Richard Gilkey, entitled Table for Poems. Its muted bronze and gold carries the sense that here is substantial work. A book lies open and the table seems to be flowering and growing before our eyes.” (Remarks by Michael Magee)

“Small collections of verse that paint some mental image, often haunting. What made it interesting was the collection of different voices represented, and the different styles, the physical structures employed, and the use of refrains, almost lyrical in some cases.” (Larry David of Huntington Station, New York wrote to Pieter Zilinsky after reading the Poets Table Anthology in Paris.)

PoetsWest back issues are available for $3 each + $2 shipping and handling per lot.

Vol. I, No. 1, Spring 1998 - SOLD OUT.
Vol. I, No. 2, Summer 1998 - Poetry by Pamela Moore Dionne, J. Glenn Evans, Paul Gillie, Connie Hutchison, Kevin Miller, Jess Mills, Bonita Olson, Judith Skillman, M. Anne Sweet, Jeremy Voigt, Pieter Zilinsky, and Matt Zook.
Vol. I, No. 3, Fall 1998 - SOLD OUT.
Vol. I, No. 4, Winter 1998 - SOLD OUT.
Vol. II, No. 1, Spring 1999 - SOLD OUT.
Vol. II, No. 2, Summer 1999 - Poetry by Victory Lee Schouten, Chris Cantu, Nancy Dahlberg, Madeline DeFrees, Christine Eisen, J. Glenn Evans, Roberta Fein, Molly Goforth, Jessamay Howell, Dorothy Krist, Kurt Kristensen, Kerri Lyn Kumasaka, Sigrun Susan Lane, Donna Lathrop, Kay Mullen, Mildred Renfrow, Catherine Wing, and Pieter Zilinsky.
Vol. II, No. 3, Fall 1999 - Poetry by Mineko Akishige, Elizabeth Austen, Paul Brase, Larry Crist, Mike Dillon, J. Glenn Evans, Bruce Fleming, Jessamay Howell, Kara L.C. Jones, Michael Magee, Carlos Martinez, Iskandar Soekardi, and Leonard Tews.
Vol. II, No. 4, Winter 1999 - Poetry by Steph Anne Best, Eric Browning-Larsen, John Burgess, Susan J. Erickson, J. Glenn Evans, Steven Garmanian, Elizabeth Gray, Connie Hutchison, Tammy Kaiser, Jean Musser, Cathy Ruiz, and Joan Swift.
Vol. III, No. 1, Spring 2000 - SOLD OUT.
Vol. III, No. 2, Summer 2000 - SOLD OUT.
Vol. III, No. 3, Fall 2000 - SOLD OUT.
Vol. III, No. 4, Winter 2000 - Poetry by Rodney Williams, Nancy Abercrombie, Kathleen Baginski, Michael Barre, John Burgess, Phyllis Collier, Larry Crist, Danika Dinsmore, J. Glenn Evans, Cindy Williams Gutièrrez, Thomas Hubbard, Kim Kelsey, Erynn Rowan Laurie, Michael Louella, Jean Musser, Leonard Tews, David Thornbrugh, Connie Walle, Linda Weaver-Fox.
Vol. IV, No. 1, Spring 2001 - SOLD OUT.
Vol. IV, No. 2, Summer 2001 - Poetry by Mike Dillon, Martin Blackman, Frieda Cramer, Larry Crist, Pat Duggan, J. Glenn Evans, Harvey Goldner, Casey Jepson, Valdez Ladd, Lauren Valk Lawson, Cathy Ruiz, Florence Sage, Victory Lee Schouten, Judith Skillman, Peter Suruda, M. Anne Sweet, Rod Tipton, and Koon Woon.
Vol. IV, No. 3, Fall 2001 - Poetry by Sarah Singer, Judith Adams, Peter Bernstein, Lane Chisholm, Olivia Diamond, James Dott, Arthur Ginsberg, Donald Kentop, Priscilla Long, Ruth Osato, Cameron Prow, Madelle Quiring, Sherry Reniker, Mark Rubin, Lena Schreier, Christine Swanberg, and Pieter Zilinsky.
Vol. IV, No. 4, Winter 2001 - Poetry by Jean Musser, Joshua Coberly, Robert Bevan Dalton, J. Glenn Evans, Dean Granholm, Karen Havnaer, Lorraine Healy, Donna Lathrop, Amy Racely, David Thornbrugh, and Daniel Williams, and others.
Vol. V., No. 1, Spring 2002 - Poetry by Shannon Borg-Randolph, John Burgess, J. Glenn Evans, Julie T. Gerrard, Sheri A. Harper, Glenn (Chip) Hughes, Michael Magee, Marjiann Moss, Victory Lee Schouten, Dorothy J. Williams, Pieter Zilinsky, and others.
Vol. V., No. 2, Summer 2002 - SOLD OUT.
Vol. V., No. 3, Fall 2002 - Poetry by Nancy Dahlberg, Peter Bloch Garcia, Kim Hamilton, Patricia Hamrick, Jared Leising, Linda Malnack, Leonard Orr, Glenn Reed, Victory Lee Schouten, Daniel Williams, and Pieter Zilinsky, and others.
Vol. V., No. 4, Winter 2002 - SOLD OUT.


Little History of Pike Place Market by Jack R. Evans
SCW Publications: ISBN 978-1-877882-04-6
Softbound, 81 pp., 35 historical photographs; $6.95

Pike Place Market is an institution loved with the same passion by the hometown folks in Seattle as San Franciscans do their cable cars. This book tells the story of this world-famous market from its beginnings in 1907 up to the present and includes the history of farm products. The easy-to-read, fact-filled book covers the rebellions by local farmers, the history of the Japanese and the market, the many craftspeople, flying fish merchants, and the characters who sometimes provide as much color as does the gorgeous produce. The Market, its buildings, hotels, and alleys together make up a rich and vibrant historic area, but it was the farmers, merchants, and other folks who helped to create this bastion of free enterprise. Starbucks started here as did other companies, like Tradewells and Mannings cafeterias.

Swedes Whence They Came by Jack R. Evans
SCW Publications: ISBN 978-1-877882-05-4
Softbound, 159 pp., historical photographs; $9.95

The heritage of old Sweden has contributed immensely to the molding of the contemporary Swedish citizen and the character of the nation. Beginning with the Vikings and Sweden's early trading contacts with the ancients, Rome and Egypt, the history includes the rebel heroes, Engelbrekt and Dacke, who became legends in the hearts of common folk. A nation’s history is made not only by kings and warriors, but also by poets, writers, artists, scientists, and inventors. This book vividly describes the advent of repression, religions, fire, pain and suffering that contributed to molding the Swede of today.

Levant F. Thompson: Hop King, Banker, Senator
by Jack R. Evans
SCW Publications: ISBN 978-1-877882-06-2
Softbound, 49 pp., historical photographs; $6.95

One of Washington state’s earliest pioneers, Levant F. Thompson was the youngest territorial legislator and the oldest state senator. Much of his story is told in the pioneer's own words. Coming across the Oregon Trail in 1853, he describes the junkyard that stretched for miles littered with abandoned treasures. Levant Thompson, in his autobiography dated 1893, looked back at forty-three years of adventures and ventures, from the perils of everyday life on the trail, of being stranded in the desert and almost perishing, his days of Indian fighting, and operating his sawmill.

Little History of Bothell Washington
by Jack R. Evans
SCW Publications: ISBN 978-1-877-881-00-3
Softbound, 44 pp., 23 historical photographs; $3.95

The Bothells founded and first platted the town in 1889. The history covers the early pioneers, loggers, lumbermen, merchants, and historians. The Bothell bankers knew how to handle bank robbers. Many Bothell firsts are listed and early tall tales are revealed.

Little History of Gig Harbor WashingtonLittle History of Gig Harbor Washington by Jack R. Evans
SCW Publications: ISBN 978-1-877882-01-1
Softbound, 32 pages with 23 historical photographs;
Retail $4.95

How did a banker's cigar become Gig Harbor's financial barometer? This book covers the early settlers, fishing and fishermen, steam boating, shipbuilding, rooster races, schools, and churches. After Gig Harbor's discovery in 1841, three fishermen arrived twenty-six years later and settled among the Indians and founded the town.

Little History of Renton Washington by Jack R. Evans
SCW Publications: ISBN 978-1-877-882-02-X
Softbound, 24 pp., 11 historical photographs; $2.25

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