"A heart-warming tale about positive transformation. The movie contains several positive messages for young audiences, (as well as their seniors) such as the meaning of responsibility, the peril of judging others, redemption, respect for others, and the value of charity, among others. Delivers such messages in an uncomplicated and accessible presentation that lacks the usual negativity found in most contemporary cinema." –Frank Video, City Council Legislative Aid, Seattle, Washington

"You should be quite proud of your movie, Christmas Mountain. My wife and I just finishing viewing it. What an enduring, endearing story of the gift of giving. How we empower ourselves when we give of ourselves, when we give forward, like Jesus did for us." –Charles Portolano–Poet, Publisher, Teacher–Fountain Hills, Arizona

"This heartwarming Christmas tale contains a western twist as it tells the tale of a heavenly cowpoke who rides down to Earth to ride herd on a few people in need of some miracles." –NEW YORK TIMES

"I can tell you without any BS that I found it a thoroughly wonderful and exciting movie, not so much for Slim Pickens alone because all the other characters were stellar and perfectly cast for their roles." –Vance H. Trimble–Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist, Editor, Author–Wewoka, Oklahoma

Take one part It’s a Wonderful Life, toss in a dollop of Miracle on 34th Street and a dash of Scrooge, stir well with the snow of a cold, hard winter. Serve the stew to the intolerant townsfolk in the village and watch it warm their hearts – just as it will warm yours." –Bill Lubic–Retired Corporate Executive–Naples, Florida

"'The people I don't like are ones I never got to know,' the earthly cowboy angel says. How completely appropriate for the times we currently live in where everyone not "like us" is viewed with suspicion or hatred. The movie, I believe, invites all of us to be more tolerant. Not only is the scenery in this movie spectacular, but also the story will warm the hearts and souls of those that watch it. The tale parallels in many aspects the story of the original Christmas birth and is eminently suitable for viewing by all ages." –Barclay Franklin–Novelist–Cornville, Arizona

"The same prejudice and blatant actions that affect our acceptance of minorities and those socially less fortunate than our selves, a poignant message even today. The movie was ahead of its time in that regard and speaks equally loud to today's environment and social climate. I believe the true message of the movie was how we all benefit from the gift of giving, and the grace it brings to our lives and the lives of others when we do. In Christmas Mountain an entire town changed its attitude and turned action into a happy ending." –Rick Smith–Poet and Retired Fire Chief–Redmond, Washington

"To discover compassion in the wilderness and to enter into the characters' hardships and victories is only one of the virtues of Christmas Mountain -- The Story Of A Cowboy Angel." –Pieter Zilinsky–Poet, Educator–Seattle, Washington

"There are very few movies these days that are worth the time to watch. It's good to see one with a positive message. So many people don't understand what real charity is. Giving from the heart means giving those things that are valuable to oneself, not just one's unwanted junk." –Mary Hines–Citizen and Grandmother–Wheeling, West Virginia

"The acting and the background music in this saga is of the highest quality and the depiction of the town's residents is well depicted by their various positions from the questionably sanctimonious minister to the bargaining, dour and selfish local store keeper. You will feel good after you see this film. You will be reassured that with the right interaction and a positive formula anyone’s nature can change for the better." –William A.Y. Murdoch–Author, Retired Government Official–Seattle, Washington

Christmas Mountain was one of Slim Pickens’ last films completed its credentials. But what a pleasure when a work you turn to for the pull of nostalgia turns out to be so strong and real. The cinematography is dominated by mountains and snow and contributes to the sense of severe weather as a force in the drama. It takes a town’s people who give lip service and niggardly charity at Christmas and advances them to real neighborly aid and merriment. Yet there’s an effortless allegory going on somewhat reminiscent of The Twilight Zone. –Klyd Watkins–Poet, Singer, Musician–Nashville, Tennessee

"I especially enjoyed the music during the dance scene, and was delighted to learn that it was Vivian and Phil Williams, whose excellent playing I first encountered a few years ago. I think the story of how this movie surfaced after so long is quite remarkable." – Connie Hutchison–Haiku Poet, Past President of Washington Poets Association–Kirkland, Washington

"Christmas Mountain is the story of an isolated mid-to-late-1800's community that comes back from the brink of darkness and self-centered cruelty through the example of kindness and generosity set by a reluctant cowboy stranger who is himself in need of redemption. As the attitude of the town is gradually turned around through the actions of one man, it feels as if a tender little fire is lit in our hearts, and by the end of the film, we're ablaze with the warmth of the Christmas spirit, and filled with gladness that everything came out on the hopeful side." –Vicki Stiles–Museum Director–Seattle, Washington

"This movie is not only a heartwarming story for every age but also an in-depth look at our country's social history in the early days of the West--how family, community and religious values evolved, how tolerance had to be fought for. Even if you aren't an avid fan of classic westerns, you'll still find Christmas Mountain–the Story of a Cowboy Angel an experience that will leave you singing carols. It's a perfect Christmas movie that embodies the real spirit of the holiday. It made my Montana heart swell, and it will be annual event in my family." –Ellaraine Lockie–Poet, Nonfiction Author, and Educator–Sunnyvale, California

"Among many other virtues an excellent quality of film and color." –Anni Grasegger–Award-Winning Photographer–Seattle, Washington

"The story of humanity and its ongoing struggle; instead of making political contributions we should give the DVDs, Christmas Mountain. Maybe it would change the hearts of some of those devilish senators." –Beverly Hammergren–Artist–Seattle, Washington

"This can be an American version of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserable." –Yearn Hong Choi–Korean Poet, Editor and Teacher–Fairfax Station, Virginia

"Even in April! It really is classically pertinent, and sweetly poignant." –Jill Hardin, Musician, Singer, Writer–Florence Oregon

"We loved it for its honesty (and setting!). It's plaintive, raw, and compelling, loving - and so very honest. You can see, feel, experience that these actors loved the material." –Michael Yaeger–Mayor of Pike Place Market, Novelist and Movie Script Writer–Seattle, Washington

"This digitally re-mastered version of Christmas Mountain is a film for all seasons. A fable of a steely town, a crusty cowpoke and a cowboy angel (played by Slim Pickens): all seeking redemption. Mark Miller and Barbara Stanger play an unlikely pair with a wonderful range of character roles and the fiddle music of Vivian and Phil Williams; it’s enough to restore your faith in heart-felt filmmaking. Now a new generation can enjoy what must have been a labor of love. When you’ve finally tired of It’s a Wonderful Life see this." –Michael Magee–Poet, Playwright and Drama Critic–Tacoma, Washington