Window in the Sky

Poetry of J. Glenn Evans read by the author, Caron McCloud and Martin Marriott with Vivian Williams & Phil Williams on fiddle & guitar.

1. Window in the Sky

26. Winter Nursery

2. The Ramparts (music)

27. Snowflakes

3. Memories

28. The Hawthorne Tree (music)

4. Geologist

29. Strange Bird

5. Small Mine Owners

30. Crows

6. Professor Jim's Gold Mine

31. Lights

7. Fairweather Waltz (music)

32. New Curse

8. Victory Cafe

33. Space Needle

9. Colleen

34. Chance Meeting

10. Lucy B. Sitton

35. Winter Moon (music)

11. An Old Hotel

36. Friends

12. An Antique Store

37. My Neighbor's House

13. The Wind on the Water (music)

38. Helping Hand

14. Moonlight Farewell

39. Questions

15. Seattle

40. Who's Bleeding Now

16. Pictures on the Wall

41. A Beautiful Night (music)

17. Mignonnes

42. Beautiful Brown-Eyed Daughter

18. Van Gogh

43. My Birch

19. The Reunion (music)

44. Flesh and Blood

20. Thanks for the Red Roses

45. Sleep

21. Marriage in Mourning

46. Green Tomato Blues (music)

22. Unrequited Love

47. A Stranger

23. Hard Looking Woman

48. A Return

24. The Seasons Slip Away (music)

49 Splice the Mainbrace (music)

25. A Place to Rest


J. Glenn Evans
Has written two books of poetry, Window in the Sky and Seattle Poems, several local community histories, and a biography on Levant Thompson. Evans was awarded the 1999 Faith Beamer Cooke Award by Washington Poets Association for his service to the poetry community of Washington. A former stockbroker, he co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain, featuring Slim Pickens. He was coordinator of Klondike Gold Rush Centennial Literary Contest, is past president of SKCHO (Association of King County Historical Organization), and a member of Pacific Northwest Historians Guild, Washington Poets Association, and Academy of American Poets.

Caron McCloud - Fellow Poet and Reader
Spent most of her life in the San Francisco Bay area where she designed and manufactured apparel. Now living in Port Townsend, WA, she writes and performs poetry, designs micro-housing for SonCloud Inc., and teaches a workshop, The Essential Elijha,"to enable one to enter in to deeper relationships with our creator through exploration of our creativity." She has published several chapbooks, including Spells, February Soul, and Gull.

Martin Marriott - Fellow Poet and Reader
Was born in England and lives in Seattle. His poems have been published in Art Access, Alternative Harmonies, Stringtown, PoetsWest Literary Journal, and The Temple. He has read for the Channel 29 cable arts show, IV Arts. He is a regular reader at Red Sky Poetry Theatre and other venues, including Wit's End Bookstore & Tea Shop.

Vivian & Phil Williams
Have played old-time string band music for forty years with many TV appearance, movie sound-tracks, and over fifty recordings, and have performed with a blue grass band in Seattle since 1962. They own Voyager Recordings and Publications and are members of National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. They were instrumental in starting the NW Folklife Festival in 1972 an the Seattle Folklore Society in 1966. Vivian is fiddle champion at state, national, international events, Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and she was the 1999 Senior Fiddle Champion at the National Old Time Fiddlers Contest. Vivian also plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, and piano. Phil plays guitar, bass, mandolin, and five-string banjo.

Music Producers: Vivian and Philip Williams
Recording Engineer: Philip Williams
Cover Design: Mike Jaynes
Readers: J. Glenn Evans, Caron McCloud and Martin Marriott

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Wewoka, OK 74884
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