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Tagebuch 1945 (Diary)
by Anne-Marie Hackenberger
(As written by a young girl in Germany-translated by the Author)
SCW Publications
ISBN 978-1-877882-68-5
Softbound, 39 pp. $8.00

Author background and what readers say

Anne-Marie Hackenberger, born and raised in East Germany and lived under Russian occupation, but she crossed the border and attended the Universities of Bonn and Heidelberg. She graduated in 1950. Taught high school for five years and then emigrated to the US. Later she went back to Germany and taught German, English, history and music for 13 years, then back to the US. Author of chapbook, Once Upon a Time My Love Was a Tree.

"I found the Diary - even if it leads us back to terrible times - most interesting. She is a gifted writer. The diary is very easy to read. The reader is drawn into her experience and cannot stop reading. What a time it was and how good that it is over..."

—Dr. Elisabeth Hesse, (ret. High School teacher), Bonn, Germany

"Anne-Marie's life journey has not been an easy one, and I find it incredible she has lived through it all to this ripe old age and yet maintains such a positive outlook on life. Many people would have crumbled yet she remained strong. Reading her life experiences in her own voice, so to speak, has been an amazing adventure for me, and I believe you will enjoy reading them too."

—Judy Darrow, Managing Broker

"Soulful story of a girl who lived in very confusing times…. Genuine descriptions of the events and the people, the atmosphere of a very important moment in the world’s history is nothing short of extraordinary. I don’t recall another story as interesting in a long-long time. I liked the poetic descriptions of nature and the graphic descriptions of the hardships of her life. I could feel her fears and her joys because everything in her story is so authentic and genuine."

—Vadim Zima, Professional Translator